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Ben5 made for brunch Monday morning after I got back from Tucson. Delicious, but I'm more than ready for veggies again!
The "not working/parts" CF-T7 showed up yesterday. This has happened before: the "parts" machine shows up and is in vastly better condition than the machine that it is supposed to be parts for. In the past, I've taken parts off of the parts machine and kept it nice. This time, I just swapped the HD and battery over to the "parts" machine as I didn't want to spend the day transplanting the fan, yet again, and I know that it takes most of a day. That and, even though the thing looks almost new, it was only $40. One of the things that drew me to the Toughbook CF-R1 and then later T4 was the lack of a fan, because this happens to every machine I have that has a fan. I leave the thing on, use it too much, do too much computationally intensive stuff, leave too many tabs open, and there's too much dust in Arizona, and within a year, the fan eats itself. First fan in the T7 lasted for well over a year (I think), but still, it's always a problem.
Tauber was sending the CRAP announcements but failed to on account of a broken hand. Ben5 advertised it on FB as himself, but essentially, no one came besides him and I. One fixie kid who goes by the name of "youmadbro" (or something close) swung by the usual place at the usual time on a random day and caught us there and rode with is, which was kind of awesome. Fixie kid was telling us about his cargo bike and how he uses it for his window washing business. Rad.
Today: Goodwill, post office (again), haul workstations, list more hardware on eBay, hopefully pick up a load of lemons, grocery store run for the stuff that's too expensive at Sprouts, meet Sarah to post stuff on the TBAG blog and figure that out. Still itching to do much needed Bike Count IT work (grr!).
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