scrottie (scrottie) wrote,

Socks decorated the Meyer lemon tree. Bulbs built-in.

New Biopace on the Green Bianchi to go with the new chain. It feels strange opening 20 or 30 year old packaging.

The exhaust had to come off of the Z600 so that the left side of the engine can come off, then the clutch (ugh), so the oil pump can be inspected, but the bolts holding parts of the exhaust system together were rusted into solid little blobs. The exhaust system is in four parts, under the hood, and includes a blower, a heat exchange, the manifold, and, eh, something else. Heat for passengers comes from air warmed off of the exhaust system. The exhaust parts need to be sand blasted and chromed, but I'm holding off on doing that until at least I figure out if I can make this thing run again. I managed to get off only one bolt with a wrench, smashing the wrench with the sledge hammer and putting penetrating oil on the bolt. Another bolt got its head ripped off, which worked for getting the exhaust parts apart. The others got sawed through with a cutting disk on Socks' Dremel tool. Those are going to have be drilled out. That picture has the camshaft and valve rockers out.


Amtrak view.


Brevet cards.

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