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I hope for a day where I'm back to blogging about writing code and bicycle advocacy rather than the mis-adventures of living above a cranky old lady, or, really, about much else. Not that my personal life isn't often wonderful, but that's not what I want to talk about. Coming back to Phoenix, one of the nicest things was my Internet connection. The dedicated IP simplifies a lot of admin work. I suppose a similar fix would be VPN'ing into a work machine. I spent an evening repairing the cluster. It seems like the Nano board that's the init node can't handle two HDs plugged in at the same time even if one of them is on a completely different power supply. I initially suspected that. I need to re-move the music off of that failed second drive attempt onto a portable drive for my own use. Which I guess is to say that after a half assed but still thoroughly time consuming run, I'm shutting down the cluster experiment. The batteries in the primary UPS died anyway. The last power cycle was me removing it after it went to self test, failed, and lost power to the cluster.
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